Katskhi Pillar, Chiatura cableways

Full day trip to Imereti region. Katskhi Pillar remains one of Georgia’s most mysterious sights. Located 11 kilometers from the city of Chiatura in western Georgia, it towers over the gorge of the Karshuna River. This natural 40-meter-high limestone column has been standing for centuries as a silent witness of history and has itself been […]

Dashbashi Canyon, Diamond Bridge

Day trip to Tsalka (Dashbash) Canyon Natural Monument. Canyon carved by Ktsia (Khrami) River in the stream bed cut through the volcanogenic rocks of Dashbash volcanic plateau, distinguished by its rarity and biodiversity. The Diamond bridge hanging above Dashbashi Canyon, could inspire you to have a drink and enjoy the view at the gigantic diamond multi-level bar […]